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Sell. Effortlessly.

Isn\'t it time to move to a new stage and make a big leap in the performance of your company? Do you have the ingredients, tools and ambitions that qualify you for this exceptional leap? Close more deals, boost sales team productivity, and reduce time to make a sale.


leads effortlessly

Capture leads and sales enquiries from websites, emails, social channels, phone calls, and trade fairs.

Everything you need to

Everything you need to
build a great customer experience

EgyptCRM equips your teams to make better decisions. Whether they work in the sales CRM, help desk, or marketing apps, EgyptCRM always surfaces relevant customer data from all apps to help them drive relationships and deals forward.

Sell smarter and faster with

Sell smarter and faster with
an intelligent sales CRM

Make more insightful sales decisions with a 360-degree historical view of every contact Increase sales wins with detailed sales deals, and automatic notifications <br />Communicate through a call, email, or Tweet, and capture it all in EgyptCRM<br />View pre-built insights, or build your own custom reports, charts, and forecasts


CRM made easy

From startups to global giants EgyptCRM empowers teams to extend the breath and depth of their customer relationships.


Implementing a system in a company is one of the most difficult things. Especially if the number of departments and users is large, it will be a challenge


Building a robust system that ensures robust and effective management of data, processes, and organizational units that transforms the company, makes a big difference in sales volumes, saves employees time, and makes it easy to track each employee\'s performance. Each team at all levels and the company can do 10 times what it can do with the same number of employees.

Praise be to God alone


We have the experience and skills that make us succeed in meeting all challenges in building and implementing systems, data management, operations and enterprise units, and making a significant difference in workload and sales.


This is not just a talk or a dream that We have done a lot and We can do more

We can build integrated systems to manage companies, manage all data, process operations and units of the company, whatever its field, and We prefer large companies with multiple branches, a large number of employees and service areas

It is not limited to real estate, CRM or any other system

The system works on all company employees at all levels and works through the Internet from anywhere in the world


And creating any reports related to that, creating reports on the employee’s work rate, linking all local and international branches, and training all employees to work on the system and facing the challenges of resisting change. The employees’ work will make them pay more attention to their work, and the company’s knowledge of work rates will help in making the decision to keep the actors and think and take the necessary for the lowest performers, take care of them or train them better, or dismiss them if all the training stages have been exhausted and all the measures taken have not been responded to.

Sales CRM

Automation and AI frees up sales teams to focus on the right deals and deliver growth

Blazing fast UI

Our intuitive and fast UI drives adoption

Calculus AI

Save time & get insights with advanced AI


Integrate with apps you already use at work

One View

Get a 360 degree view of your customer

Work from where you are

Manage your work on the go with our CRM


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